Hey folks!
I just moved to San Francisco and I'm in the market to add a second camera (which will probably become my primary camera) to my setup. I currently am happy with my 7D for sports and whatnot, but not so much weddings, portraits, etc... I've been seeing on CL here that I can get an original 5D for $1k (actually 900 from one guy). It's Digic II, crappy screen, not the best noise-reduction technologies, not super high ISO etc... but it's under a grand and it's full-frame.

Option 2 is what I just saw this morning: 1D-MkII for $1k. Hmm.... didn't they come out around the same time? In which case the 1-Series would be the better buy, no?

Option 3.... WAIT and don't do a damn thing 'til the elusive 5DMkIII comes out and either buy it, or a 5DMkII as the price will probably drop at that point.... any suggestions?