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Thread: Canon 35mm f/1.4L Vs Canon EF 24mm f/1.4 L II USM Lens

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    The falling price cuts do seem kind of fishy. It seems like they are clearing the supply chain.

    I would think the marketing department wouldn't release it until after the 1D X is in shops.

    Even if they announce a 5D III or any other new body today, you will not see it for five or six months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gandhi View Post
    So when do you think mark lll will come in market?
    A few months after they announce it. Since that hasn't happend yet, no one knows when...nor what features it will have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HDNitehawk View Post
    @ Dr Croubie ...When DxO does a review, I usually put a little less weight toward their review than I do other sources. When you got your Samyang initially, I know you thought you might get to do a comparison between Samyang and the Canon 35mm L. I always find it more informative to talk to people who experience both. Sometimes it seems there is a quality that a lens puts out that can't be measured in numbers.
    Yeah, I definitely would have liked to do that too, Kind of annoyed my friend sold his 35L, moreso that he didn't offer it to me first. Maybe i'll find another place to do a comparison one day (I saw a wedding the other day in the botanic gardens I was walking through, I was very tempted to go ask if they had one I could borrow, but they didn't look like the kind of photogs that would have said yes).
    But still, all the reviews I've read seem to basically agree though, there's really not much +/-3% difference from the samyand and zeiss either way, besides build quality and pricetag.
    I'm really hoping for a much-improved 35L II, because 2 separate companies have proven you can have sharp corners (and the nikon beats the canon too), plus the advancements in the 13 years since the mk1 came out, the current 35L just looks a bit out of place for its pricetag, the only benefit it has over all the others is AF, for some people that justifies a pricetag, not for me.

    If I were looking for one these days, I'd definitely be asking myself how much I needed anything before January, it's probably worth waiting another 4 weeks to announcement (then another 4-8 for the reviews and for it to appear on shelves) unless you really do need it before March, i'd suggest waiting. If there's no announcement before CES/PMA, then make the choice between the 35L mk1, samyang, zeiss, and nikon-with-converter (if you're into that sort of thing).
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