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Thread: Canon EF 28/2.8 iso crop samples

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    Canon EF 28/2.8 iso crop samples


    I've seen the iso samples from the 1DS mkIII (pretty good results) has replaced the 1ds mk II (pretty bad results) for a few weeks.

    Can you tell me if you tried the same sample to justify so different results ?



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    Re: Canon EF 28/2.8 iso crop samples

    I *think* the lens tested is a different sample - I don't remember for sure as I've had a couple of them. I know that the test target is different though - it is twice as large in both dimensions - this makes the test distance twice as long.

    I hope to get the rest of the lenses tested on the 1Ds III in the near future.



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    Re: Canon EF 28/2.8 iso crop samples

    Something similar (different sample)might have happenedwith the 85L II which also looks better with the 1Ds3, which isn't surprising because Bryanwrote he's had/used 5! :O

    The 1Ds3 is more indicative for the 85L II I reckon, mine is also very sharp wide open

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