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Thread: Merry Christmas

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    Merry Christmas

    My first "modified flash" post.

    Merry XMas by namethatnobodyelsetook, on Flickr

    Taken using the kit lens, the built-in flash, and this nifty flash bouncer. Granted, I could do better with a 430EX, but I don't have one, and figured this could do the trick, cheaply. It's awesome in that it does work, and won't ruin all your shots with that "I used the built-in flash" look. However you're going to be using ISO 800, and will have some noise. You're not going to overpower the ambient, and shots with lamps nearby aren't going to have uniform white balance.

    I figure there are other TDPers on a budget out there... for you, highly recommended.

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    Merry Christmas, David! This photo is beautiful and the flash bouncer obviously works pretty good! I will have to keep it in mind. As I sell my gear bit by bit ...this may be a good purchase later on for me! In the meantime since I have hung on to an external flash so far, I used my Best Buy reward points & bought this little Tocad Softbox a couple days ago, which ended up costing me less then $10.

    Only used it on a couple shots so far, here is one ...

    Tis the season for chapped lips & cheeks! by Denise Trocio, on Flickr

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