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Thread: Reikan FoCal - Automatic AF Micro adjustment software

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    Reikan FoCal - Automatic AF Micro adjustment software

    Hi, if this is the wrong area of the forum I apologize and this should be moved to the proper place, thanks!

    I just wanted to ask if someone else has any experience with this product:

    I have purchased a copy of the Plus version with fully automatic adjustment and it seems excellent so far. It's an interesting product and makes AFMA much easier and faster compared to doing all the work yourself. I have so far calibrated my EF-S 15-85mm (at the long end), Sigma 30mm f/1.4 and EF 85mm f/1.8 with the software. It's quite fun to watch the automatic mode work it's magic.

    I have just changed my 7D body for a brand new one (got a good deal with 15-85 and sold the old body) but the adjustments seem to be pretty similar to the ones I made for my old body. On the old 7D I determined that both the EF 85mm and the 30mm Sigma front focus using the DYI guide and tips by neuroanatomist, thank you for the excellent guide! The values I set for the old body were +10 for the Sigma and +8 for the 85mm. The values that the FoCal automatic adjustment came up with (for the new 7D body) are +9 for the Sigma 30mm and +6 for the EF 85mm and +2 for the EF-S 15-85mm.

    So overall my first impressions are pretty positive. I setup the test by taping the target on a wall (printed on normal paper, no gloss) and set up my camera on a tripod as well as possible. The software also has a target check that tells you when your setup is good enough and even shows a tip about improving lighting if it thinks the EV is too low.
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