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Also, you may want to look at smaller light modifiers too. When you start down the strobist journey, there's a tendency to go as big as you can with your light modifiers (here's proof of that). However, when it comes to small flashes, I often grab my 15" collapsible softbox. It can be fairly soft depending on how close it is to the subject, but it's more often just a bit punchier--and it's a nice change from the creamy soft gradients afforded us by larger modifiers. There are also plenty of other sizes and cheaper versions on Ebay.

I got a good laugh out of your hat set up. Being a novice myself I knew not to make that mistake. I bought a 16 x 22 and it has been a christmas decoration in the the dining room and hasn't been taken down yet. The wife hasn't said anything about it yet, as a married man I can attest that you should start small. It is easier to get the big stuff moved in later. Of course you can see my reasoning was based on what I knew I could get away with, not what would work best.