O.K... What am I missing? I am preparing to calibrate my Canon 5D MKII, 7D, and Canon lenses using FoCal Pro. Have read the manual and was preparing to print off the targets that are included in the software I received. Specifically they are files FoCalTarget Rev. 4A, and FoCal Target2 Rev.4A. The manual is pretty specific about the targets being sized for 8-1/2x11 paper, that the size of the target is very important, and that they are to be printed at 300 dpi.

I opened both target files target in Photoshop CS5, and a couple of other programs and in each case and with both files the size is indicated at 8.267" x 11.694" at 300dpi. Obviously, the sizes are disproportionate to 8-1/2x11. I am sure that it was not FoCal's intention that we would have to re-size or crop... I would have thought that the image size would have been spot on at letter size.

I could print to "Fit" or to "Center the Image" or "Ignore Size of Printing Area" but obviously do not want to chance changing the size of the target if it is that important for Fully Automatic Calibration.

I must be missing something (again)... Any suggestions from people that have used FoCal? Thanks for the help.