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Thread: #31 - The Joys of Childhood (Congrats Bouwy)

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    #31 - The Joys of Childhood (Congrats Bouwy)


    On behalf of Denise(ddt0725) this the new assignment:

    Assignment 31 - The Joys Of Childhood

    Sure to bring a smile to everyone's face is a photo that brings back wonderful childhood memories! Capture a shot of a child making a new discovery, playing make believe, riding their bike or playing ball! Bring back the memories of when life was simple and carefree! If you don't have children around, photograph places or objects that are sure to bring back memories, a playground, a pail and shovel in the sand or a balloon flying high!

    And the finalists are:

    Name: Bouwy
    Motivation: Capturing a split second moment like this is priceless! You can sense her determination to get a few drops of water on her tongue & I'll bet she's on tiptoes!

    : Neuroanatomist
    Motivation: This truly captures the essence of the carefree days of childhood! It doesn't need to be an expensive toy to put a smile on a child face, a simple swing will do the trick!

    : bgood
    Motivation: With this being an early spring photo, this is probably her first time seeing tulips! I love the lighting and softness of this shot. Moments like this is exactly what I was looking for in this assignment!

    Name: dsiegel5151
    Motivation: Again, maybe a first time discovery. The little girls expression and gentle touch on the horses nose ...perfect timing capturing a very special moment!

    : thekingb
    Motivation: This shot is a true treasure, a happy memory like this one is what everyone hopes to capture of their little ones! You look back at photos like this when they are older and wish they could have stayed lttle forever!

    : Sheiky
    : This is one of those times where a childs mischievousness is just down right cute ...LOL! Reminds me so much of something my son would have done when he was little & laughed while he was doing it!

    Cangratulations everybody!
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