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    Hi Raid....first of all, I enjoyed the set.

    Regarding your concerns, others here have a better eye than I do for processing. The things I typically look for are pretty good in your shots. I can see a bit of noise in a few, but you seemed to have been able to correct that in the shot where it was most significant. While I agree with Bill, you may want to consider upgrading to LR5, overall your RAW-JPG converter seems to be ok to me.

    But two comments that may or may not be related to your concerns
    1. From the lighting I am guessing these were taken ~1-2 hrs before or after noon. Working in that lighting can be tough. While the "magic hour" gets a lot of attention, some of my favorite lighting are actually from 2-3 hrs before sunset or after sunrise or on cloudy days. I am often disappointed when I think I have an amazing shot taken from around noon on a bright sunny day. So much contrast, so much DR, they often don't work out well.
    2. As you mentioned sharpness, you may want to check the AFMA on your lens combo. I could be wrong, but I assume you were focusing on the faces. If so, there could be a slight back focusing issue as it looks to me that 3-4 of the shots the bodies are sharper than the subject's face.

    As I said, I enjoyed the set and if nothing else, enjoy the heat. Bill and I live about 30 minutes apart, so we are both in for the same 8-12 inches of snow and -4 F (-20 C) temps tonight.

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