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Thread: HDR Workflows, anyone?

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    HDR Workflows, anyone?

    I finally got around to documenting my workflow for when I do HDR photography. It's a bit of a beast, but it does work pretty well. I'd like to see what the rest of you are doing, as the amount of time spent in post-processing is just way too high right now!

    I posted the workflow on my blog:

    You can see some of the results here:


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    Re: HDR Workflows, anyone?

    Nice images. I appreciate the detail in the HDR technique. I have been playing with it a little, but I need to be more careful in my setup. Some cameras also have a 2-second timer option which is nice. 10 seconds starts to get long when you are just standing behind the camera.

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    Re: HDR Workflows, anyone?

    I tried using the 2 and 10-second timers, but they both present a problem.

    The 2 second timer is often not long enough to stop camera shake, depending on what level of sharpness you want and how long the lens is. Of course the shutter slap will cause some vibrations too. The only way around that is to take an exposure, wait, take an exposure, wait... Yuck.

    The 10 second timer gives the camera enough time to stop vibrating, but by the time the timer goes off the light may have changed, or the wind may have picked up, or a bird may have entered the picture. This is my biggest pain right now: waiting for the wind to die down while the lighting is good. I swear sometimes the light only shows up with a commensurate breeze. Texas weather I suppose.

    I just use a cheap remote trigger, it does the job. I actually have a fancier remote, but I haven't needed to use any of the advanced functionality yet. Heck, I would have to read the manual to figure it out anyway...

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    Re: HDR Workflows, anyone?

    This picture is one of my favourite shots,taken in Germany ,Frankfurt Augst 2008

    processed with dynamic -photo HDR

    go to my flickr to see more and

    your comments are always welcome...


    Abdulla Assaf

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