A client of mine who is an avid amateur photographer (Nikon D300, 80-400, 600 f/4 with trick gimbal mount, Gitzo carbon tripod, etc.) told me that he thought I should be capturing in AdobeRGB. I had originally been using the camera in sRGB. He said that most pro photogs and pro printing shops use AdobeRGB, and I should capture in that format.

I guess the second question is that if I want to use Canon DPP to tweak my own shots, which format does it need, or can it use either?

Side note: I don't know why, but I haven't opened the software package for my 40D. Maybe if I sell it to get the camera of my dreams I want to have the box and contents as pristine as possible. Silly, I guess. I figured I would be able to get DPP online. Unfortunately, it seems that all I've found so far on Canon's site seems to be updates to DPP, which means to me that I need to already have the original installed. Am I just not seeing it correctly?