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Thread: 500mm Mirror Lens

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    500mm Mirror Lens

    I'm thinking about investing in a 500mm f/8 mirror lens and was hoping some one here might have some experience with these. There are a lot of options out there with EF mount. Can anyone recommend a particular make? Of course a 500L would be far preferable, but can't afford one!

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    I'm not sure what budget you are working with, but lensrentals has a 400 f/5.6 for $1000 now. The downside of mirror as far I've read is no AF and donut bokeh.


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    I would not recomend a mirror lens, they don't have very good sharpness and the worst part is the bokeh is very bad in most instances. If you focus closely enough and the background becomes a complete blur the it's OK.

    I would get a 500mm f/8 ED lens, better sharpness and normal bokeh.

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