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I was looking at the Induro head as well. I do not know what happened (or I am lossing my memory), but the last time I looked, the newer version (BHL3) cost less than the older and heavier BHD3. Now I see the BDL's have gone up in price. The BDL version actually has a much higher load rating so you may be able to drop down to the BDL2 rather than the BDH3. The BDH3 is really big and wieghs about 2.2 lbs (1 kg) and is rated at 55 lbs. The BDL2 wieghs 1.1lbs, and is rated at 66 lbs. I do not know anything about the Benro. Let me know what you come up with because I have to do something soon also.

By the way, the tripod I looked at in the store was a AT313. I see you where looking at the 213 or 214. So in relation to what you are looking at, the best I can say is: I am really liking the Induro build so far. Even the center column is usable. I do not advocate extending the center column, but it seems to be a stiff set up, unlike the Vanguard that I have been using in which the center column was so shakey... it was not great all the way down, but extended it was horrible. With the Induro I actually raised the column yesterday... the first time I have done that in years. The column can be reversed for macro (a capability I wanted to make sure it had) and it has a hook for adding wieght. It also comes with spikes that can be screwed in the feet to help on ice (kind of comes in handy in the north) - otherwise the legs slide out and act like a spring. The carrying case seems a bit useless since you can not leave the head on the legs if you want to use the case, and the strap was not the greatest either (I am using the strap that was on my Vanguard).

Good luck.
Thanks Pat. Good info. I ordered the AT213 and BHD2 today....can't wait to get it!