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Thread: Really Right Stuff Camera Plate w/o Grip - B5D3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ehcalum View Post
    If using a heavy lens with a tripod collar, it would be best to use a plate on the collar as opposed to mounting via the body, event metal mounts can take but so much stress.
    Of course! What I was thinking was 'heavier' lenses such as the 24-70 f/2.8 or lenses w/o a collar.

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    Heh, ok. Personally I consider the 24-70 to be lightweight, as I do my 70-200 2.8.

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    Dear andy,
    thank you for purchasing a really right stuff quick-release plate for your canon 5d mark iii. We take great pride in the workmanship of all of our products and we stand by everything we make. When we designed quick-release plates for the canon 5d mark iii, we took great measures to make a plate that fit “really right”. Though the prototypes fit the pre-production body we received, we have found that the fit can be improved on the production bodies and therefore are proceeding with a voluntary recall of b5d3 and b5d3-l quick-release plates.
    If you feel that you are satisfied with the plate's fit, then do nothing.
    If you would like to take advantage of the recall, please do the following:
    For u.s. Customers:
    1. Contact really right stuff via email: or phone: 805-528-6321 and request a return shipping label via ups. We will send the pre-paid return shipping label to you.
    2. If you received your return shipping label via email, please print the label and attach it to the return shipping box. If you receive the label via post, please send us your b5d3 or b5d3-l base plate once the shipping label arrives. Include a copy of your original rrs sales order, or a short note with your return shipping information and/or customer information.
    3. In the meantime, new plates are being made with the improvements. The first batches should become available within a week or two.
    4. After the improved plates become available, one will be shipped to you.
    For international customers:
    1. Send us your b5d3 or b5d3-l base plate using your country's local carrier. Indicate on any customs forms that the contents of the package are undergoing a warranty replacement. Indicate the shipping costs on the package itself if possible; your shipping costs will be reimbursed via credit card. Include a copy of your original rrs sales order, or a short note with your return shipping information and/or customer information.
    2. In the meantime, new plates are being made with improvements. The first batches should become available within a week or two.
    3. After the improved plates become available, one will be shipped to you. We will ensure that the replacement items are properly labeled to avoid duplicate import taxes and customs fees.
    Please send us your b5d3/b5d3-l plate as soon as possible.
    Thank you for the opportunity to do our best in providing a high level of customer care and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
    joe johnson jr.
    Really right stuff

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    I would hate to be them. I imagine they are getting allot of irate calls from 5D III owners with scratched bodies.

    What is the point of that little lip on the back for? The Wimberley quick release plate I use doesn't have it and the camera is solid with it on.

    It likes like the Really Right Stuff plate might be just a tad over thought in its design.

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    Just received the Rev A of the B5D3 plate... unfortunately, doesn't look like too much have changed... I still feel like that shelf corner is touching the camera body except it's lower profile now... Why couldn't RRS just have removed the shelf entirely? Anyone else still a little disappointed?

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    Just got an update email from RRS regarding why the 'step' was made instead of a curved flange:

    Greetings Andy,

    I apologize for the delay in response – I wanted to make sure I had the most information possible before getting back to you.

    We understand that there is still a concern about the chosen design of the plate for the Canon 5D Mark III body, especially regarding the use of the “step” which has been referred to throughout this thread and why we deviated from the “curved flange” design along the back of the plate. We decided to use the rubber gasket for enhancing anti-twist. However, the gasket's irregular shape would cause the plate to tilt when tightened down. The best way which ensured that every camera body would align accurately was to set up a series of contact surfaces that would guide the body into level orientation. For the compound curves of the Canon 5D Mark III, we can get a more consistent result from utilizing flat contact planes than we can by machining a curve into the plate, especially when taking machining variances and tolerances of the different manufacturers into account.

    Some people are concerned that the “step” will cause additional marring on the body of the camera. The changes made in rev. A include a small, barely noticeable edge break that was added to this step. It has made a world of difference in minimizing possible marring. Any plate, regardless of manufacturer, may leave some signs of wear at each place where it contacts the camera.

    The gaps between the flange and body are the result of our engineers removing excess material after deciding that a taller flange in the back offered superior anti-twist. Leaving material there would not increase support or function in any way and is a matter if cosmetics. Most of our customers like and are happy with the looks of the plate. If you are not satisfied with your plate, we stand by our Return Policy: .

    Please let me know if you have further questions.


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    To me, the important this is that the plate orients the camera accurately so that when the ballhead or tilthead (or whatever other head you might use) is in a 'neutral' (i.e. 0 or perfectly level) then the actual angle of the camera matches the level on your tripod and head. This is particularly important for panoramas etc.

    As the guys mentioned, any plate fixed to the camera, regardless of manufacturer) is potentially going to leave some marks because you are tightening a steel object against the softer material of the camera body.

    For me, I never take the plate off anyway so I'll never notice any marks. However I do understand how precious that new 5D3 would be to you, at the end of the day it'll eventually get marked from bumps/knocks anyway.
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