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Thread: is Sandisk planning to release "new", "faster" memory cards???

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    is Sandisk planning to release "new", "faster" memory cards???

    Just curious because I noticed this past few weeks shops like B&H and Adorama and others kept having a "sale" on sandisk memory cards.....

    anyone have news on this???

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    No news, but there were even better sales last November ($99 for a 32 GB 90 Mb/s card), and nothing new since then.

    As discussed in a recent thread, the 60 Mb/s to 90 Mb/s jump offers only very marginal performance gains. I'd expect even less incremental performance gains from a further speed increase.

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    With the new 5D III and 1D X both having faster processors, the testing that we did in the earlier threads may soon be obsolete (as far as new models go).

    Just a note from Bryan's 5D III review, granted this is probably a published number from Canon but it relates the idea;

    "As seen above, the Canon EOS 5D Mark III can utilize both SDHC/SDXC and CompactFlash memory cards. A sustained write speed of up to 167MB/sec is supported when a fast-enough memory card is used. The UDMA-7 Class-10 CompactFlash standard is supported, but the SDXC UHS-1 standard is not. Use UDMA-7 Class-10 CompactFlash for ultimate performance. I'm still using SDHC cards when speed is not important to me as it makes uploading easy via my laptop's built-in card reader.

    Eye-Fi wireless/SDHC combo cards are officially supported via the 5D III's Eye-Fi menu. Also note that the memory card door now springs open when released - a welcome feature upgrade.

    To test burst rate, I shoot in M mode (wide open aperture, 1/8000 shutter speed), ISO 100, MF, IS off, lens cap on and all noise reduction off. For this test, I used a SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro UDMA-6 CompactFlash Card. Using this card, the 5D III delivers a far-above-rated 27 RAW frames at 6.1 fps and continues to shoot at 3.5 fps indefinitely."

    At 3.5 fps indefinitely the 5D III would be pushing 75mbs and above.

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