I own so much Canon Glass. I love the cameras except my 5DMkII was always soft auto focus not up to par. My 1ds Mark III is great but does not grab on the subjects or focus fast enough and it hunts allot on animals or people, wind surfers, solders moving. IT tends to focus on weir stuff not related to shot. Great on a tripod in the studio, and landscape!!

I was ready to buy 1Dx, but I do not shoot sports or Weddings, and if I have to shoot 12 frams a second to get a keeper i need to buy a "Point and Shoot" because my photo skills are lacking. Also the 1DX does not have true Hd 60P which is nice to work with in the editing area. Also I need my Tele extender’s which will not work on 1DX on my large Canon Tele's because i loose auto focus which is why i would upgrade!.
Seems like Canon says "Here we finally fixed our focusing issue" but you can't use it on your $10,000 lens you own unless you by our Shiny new $20,000 lens now that is double the others you own because we love you so much and figure if you spend that much on the wedding camera, you should not be using tele lenes's over 400mm..
They work with 5dMKIII but i want the fast focus tracking and face recognition and shutter count of the 1Dx.

Would it be safe to say keep using what i own and wait until canon gets a higher megapixel DSLR that is more suited for Portraits, landscape, architectural, still life, Animals Nature etc? the Higher MB means more cropping and more detail for me and you need all you can with the prime lenses and telephoto lens.

I would jump on the 1DX but Seems like canon MUST have another camera coming out otherwise they would have supported the Auto Focus on Tele converters on the 1DX (Wedding photogrphers do not need a 800mm to get the shot unless they were not allowed at the wedding or doing a heli shot from 2000 feet) not this silly f8 limit auto focus loss. I feel they are focusing on specific areas of Photography. Weddings, Sports. Movies DSLR with there new line up. What about Photo Journalist that need High MB because we do not want a bullet in us in Iraq? easy to crop, hard to if your dead because you had to get up next to the shooter cause you coud not hand carry the 800mm to get the auto focus feature because you could have brought the 400 with the 2x.. Canon is sending a nice polite message, if you are not a wedding and sports guy, then hang out??

I do shoot Movies and liked the 5DmkII for that. But the auto focus on the 5dMKII and 1DX is not there in movie mode nor the True HD 60P. Not a show stopper. I end up shooting manual focus because the camera cant seem to get it right always. more keepers.

Would I loose my 10K on the 1DX (By the time you buy the extra Batts, GPS, WIFI, 600 Flash, and focus screens) only to find out in August Canon announces the new 3Ds with 45Mb at $5995.00? and 60P with all the bells and whistles of the 1Dx and supports auto focus with F8? FAcial Recognition, High ISO, Headphone out put and Stereo mic,Multiple exsposure, and can use all the attahments on 1DX.

I have Nikons, and glass but I love the canon's because i am bias and love there glass.

Please advise.
1. Buy 5DMKII to tie me over until High MP camera is released in August?
2. Buy 1DX and find out that i do not need 30MP to crop without being shot trying to manual focus on subjects.
3. Buy the 800mm tele and wait until canon makes a camera that a photo Journalist can really take to town and produce great photos.
4. Save my money weight for the new August relase info along with the new 3 lenses and enjoy my setup i have.
5. Purchase Nikon D4 and use it until next year when Canon makes a camera that fits my needs.

What are your thoughts?

Kind Regards