For me the push to update to the 5D III or 1Dx is actually based on the new RT technology built into the 600 EX RT
this really is pushing me over the edge.
I made the 600 EX RT leap, and trying to justify the 1Dx over the 5D III.
I dont read much discussion on this site on the 600 EX RT topic, maybe everyone is satisfied with other systems.
I have just never been able to put a package together with 3rd party equipment ( I may be tech challanged ) that i was comfortable with

To really take advantage of the groups features of the new 600 EX RT you need one of these updated models (5DIII or 1Dx)

My first question is: has anyone used the ST E3 RT yet ( I see it is now released ) and if so what is your experience?
I know there is no low light autofocus assist beam and this may be a problem.
Would you think it a better buy to just get another 600 EX RT?

Second question:
Does anyone else find the expected lifetime shutter count on the 5D III disappointing?
All of my canons have exceeded these counts, has anyone had other experience?

I need a push over the edge to spend the other $3300.