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Thread: #40 - Multiple - Congrats multiples, conropl and Dr. Croubie

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    #40 - Multiple - Congrats multiples, conropl and Dr. Croubie

    On behalf of Stephen Probert this is assignment 40: Multiple

    Description: Most often, it seems a photograph will have a strong, singular subject, but a series of similar or different subjects may be arranged to make a photo more interesting. Whether it is a found or arranged pattern, a haphazard collection, several objects that are dissimilar in most aspects, but have a common thread or something completely different, show us your interpretation of "Multiple."

    Wow, this was hard to do. Lots of great shots, this was hard to narrow down. Great job everyone! The five I picked are:

    Name: Kayaker72
    Motivation: I love the crop and the warm and cool of the grasses and water. I also enjoy that most the the geese had their attention drawn to camera right. It was hard to choose from several great geese shots!

    Name: Erno James
    Motivation: How can I resist! This reminds me of the example shot I gave which also used mirrors. I like the 3-dimensional pattern created by the top and bottom mirrors. A couple things I would like to see here is shooting with a make-shift light tent....and clean the lens!

    Name: Dr Croubie
    Motivation: I am a sucker for tilt-lens effects and this simple composition really got me scratching my head trying to figure out which way is up. Nice!

    Name: Sheiky
    Motivation: the parking lot from above very much captures the idea of multiple, but as you titled the photo, to infinity! A shot like this gives the eye a lot to search for.

    Name: Conropl
    Motivation: A classic multiple shot, I enjoy the simplicity and soft lighting. Great color and even light. The bottom flower throws the composition off a bit, IMO, but I still like the shot.

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