The sunflowers in my yard over the last few years have always been an indication of the changing seasons.

We don't replant them , just wait and see what show up.
Spring starts us off with little green sprouts, that I'm never certain if there weeds or sunflowers.
As the weather warms they grow into hearty stalks with colourful flowers, however between the dog digging and the wet weather they were a bit spars. As summer fades with the onset of fall, they wither away leaving husks.

I'm not sure where the summer went but looking at my sunflowers I know the nights are getting cold here.

Their change has also brought some self awareness. A year ago If my wife asked me to get a picture of the sunflowers she would have got something like this.

taken yesterday for reference

but this year looking at the same scraggly bunch she gets these.

Taken from middle of previous picture same evening light different perspective, and the following are from mid afternoon the previous day.

None of these are perfect, you can still faintly see a power line, and the edge of garage roof in a couple, but I think I've grown as a photographer.
Unlike the sunflowers I would like to think I'll keep growing a while yet.

This forum has been a great source of inspiration, I've gained bits of knowledge and enjoyed pictures from many contributors.
I'll continue to add my contributions and perhaps someday I can inspire an idea or someoene can benefit from what I've learned.

My thanks to all forum users to help build a online community that I enjoy participating in.