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Thanks heaps for the help everyone, and sorry for such a delayed response, I've been out enjoying taking photos

Another quick question, I've had people say to me my camera is "crop sensor" so it's junk by default and they're telling me to get a full camera... The hell does that mean? I want to do flowers, wildlife and landscape and they've said it's junk for landscape and wildlife... It looks OK so far?
You only have to look at the picture on the right side of the page on this link, a crop sensor only uses the center part of the lens where a full frame uses the whole lens. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_factor

Landscape, yes a full frame camera would do a better job. But a crop sensor is a long way from being junk.

Wildlife, it depends on what full frame body you are comparing. A 7D which is a crop body will rule over a 5D II a FF camera. If you spend $3,000 + US you could get a 5D III and it would rule over the 7D only because of its AF system. Crop bodies are excellent for wildlife, not by any stretch junk.

"The hell does that mean?", it sounds like this kind of statement "my equipment is better than your equipment", or "my house is bigger than your house" or "my car is bigger than your car" and the obvious one "I spent almost $7000 on just my camera and it is better than yours".