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Thread: Gizmodo used a 1DX to shoot 5K "video"

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    Gizmodo used a 1DX to shoot 5K "video"

    I know I don't post here very often, but I'm one HECK of a lurker!

    Just wanted to share this because I thought it was pretty neat. Gizmodo used a 1DX's super-fast burst rate to shoot the equivalent of 5K video by stitching the still shots together. The picture is somewhat choppy as you can imagine, and each shot is short due to the buffer filling up. It also must have take a LONG TIME to process. But the final result is actually quite impressive, and I thought it looked great too.

    Of course none of us have TVs that can take advantage of it....but it's still neat anyway!

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    I thought about a 15 fps 5k type movie as within the 1dx. Somehow I bet they used something other than MS Movie Maker to stitch the jpgs together
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    I thought of doing the same thing but with a 1D III and shooting in the lowest sRAW setting so I can increase the shooting time. The only problem is with a fast card what is the logest time I can shoot? If someone on this forum would be so kind that has a 1D III to shoot a test that would be awesome!

    That might (remotely) make me sell some lenses (keeping the 600mm of course!) and my 60D to fund a 1D III.

    As far as sound is concerned I don't like the built in audio very at all (being a audio file) I would get a seperate recording solution.

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