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Thread: Dark marks in my viewfinder? Most annoying!

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    Dark marks in my viewfinder? Most annoying!

    Hi Forum,
    I've a T2i. I've 2 small, dark spots in my viewfinder. Not appearing on captured images. Any thoughts on where in the camera they might be and my options for removing them. I've taken the lens off and tried using my Pocket Rocket to blow air in/around to dislodge them, but no luck. Thinking they're in the viewfinder. Don't want/know to venture further into the body as I'm nervous about damaging something critical. Will it need a professional clean? Sounds expensive. More annoying than critical, but would like to better understand the issue/options.
    Any ideas/thoughts/comments would be most welcome.
    Many hanks,

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    Hi, you probably got some dirt on the matte screen (not sure about the English term, but I believe matte screen is the term for the "transparent screen with the focusing marks"). It's annoying but does no real harm. Sometimes I try to blow/brush away these dustspecks, but that's rather rare. Mostly I just try to forget about them. If you want to remove them, try an airblower with a brushtip. (The camera shall not be in sensor cleaning mode - just remove the lens.)

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    Sounds like dust on the focus screen, and that's pretty common.

    Usually, a rocket blower gets them off the focus screen - just remove the lens and point the blower tip at the top of the mirror box.

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    It sounds like it's on the focusing screen. Turn the camera upside and down and aim the Rocket Blower (large Version) upwards into the Camera. Don't mess with the focusing screen if you're not familiar with it. It's probably around $100 to clean it. If you qualify for CPS, then you can get 2 free clean and checks per year for your $100 gold membership, plus 30% off repairs. You might as well wait for something else to be wrong with the camera before sending it in just for dust, because it will probably happen again.

    Whenever you use a Rocket Blower, it's always advisable to just pump it a few times into the air, before blowing it into the camera, this way you will blow out any dust that may be lurking inside the blower.

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