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Thread: red auto focus vs black on 5dIII

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    red auto focus vs black on 5dIII

    I must admit I use single autofocus points to an extreme.
    I use a lot of fast primes, and I want to choose the exact spot that I want to focus on.

    I can also see when I review in camera where the focus hit, because the red square remains for 'in camera' review.
    This is how I tell if I hit my focus, I use it as much as I use my histogram.

    I understand the 5D III autofocus points are black.
    Is this also true for the 1Dx (this could be my tipping point)

    Does the autofocus point 'fill' with red as I read somewhere on the 5D?
    Do the autofocus points remain in the review function on either camera?

    Thank you.

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    Yes, the AF points are black on the 1D X just like the 5DIII, and unlike previous 1-series bodies, the red illumination of the AF points during focusing is rather weak, and not active at all when using AI Servo (except for the initial point selection).

    I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure you can set the image playback to show the selected AF point. A feature I like even better on the 1D X (and I'm almost certain the 5DIII can do it also) is the Set button can be configured to a one-press automatic zoom to 100% view at the selected AF point, so you can instantly check focus accuracy where you focused (assuming no recompose, of course).

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