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Thread: Upgrade form 7D to 1DIV

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanoPhoto View Post
    Thanks for the feedback, guys.

    Got a call from a local family owned store here in PA (yes, they still exist) about a body they just took in on trade form a long time customer that ws in MINT condition (<3,200 actuations). The price was right ($3,350), so I jumped on the offer. They even gave me a fair trade-in on my 7D+grip. Quick upgrade for about $2,500.

    Thank goodness for the small mom/pop shops that still exist.

    Thanks again for the input.

    Sounds like a killer deal--congrats Dan

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanoPhoto View Post
    MINT condition (<3,200 actuations). The price was right ($3,350)
    Wow. Deal of the year, i'd say.
    I've seen 1D4s go for over $3500 on fleabay (where prices are a lot lower than stores), for worse condition.
    They don't have a second body like that lying around do they?
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    @ Rick - you guys definitely headed me in the right direction. I think this upgrade is comparable to when I got my first L lens. You were right, it is a massive difference.

    @ Dr.C - will let you know if they find a second one in the back of the store.

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