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Thread: Lens cleaning

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    Lens cleaning

    Does everyone clean the rear lens routinely with the front glass?

    Any suggestions on how to reach the rim of the rear element?

    What lens cloth types?

    Routine cleaning of contact points.

    Suggestion on how to deal with lens fog when changing temperatures and humidity: lens fog lasts forever it seems like.
    Anyway to speed up the process?

    PS I do not routinely use a clear or UV on any of my lenses. Reason: I really feel there is a loss of sharpness.

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    So far I have only used a Rocket blower and Microfiber cloth, but not very often (I usually do have a filter on).

    You might get some ideas here:

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    I use two things exclusively to clean my lenses (whether it be the front or rear lens element).

    1. Rocket blower (or similar) to remove the larger particles;
    2. A LensPen - I normally use the soft brush to remove any stray dust then use the cleaning tip. It's the best tool I've found by far - the tip stays moist for a very long time and they're cheap to replace. Streak free, no risk of damaging the lens element (if you remove dust etc first) and it's small enough to get into all the corners of your lens (into the rear lens element for example). I won't use anything else.

    For cleaning contact points any soft cloth should be fine.

    To combat lens fog the best tools are ziplock plastic bags and patience. Put your camera and lenses in a ziplock bag while still inside then give them at least 10 mins to get down to temperature before you take them out. It's fine to leave them in the bags until you need them. You basically need to wait long enough for the air inside the sealed bag to get to ambient temperature before opening it up otherwise you're essentially creating steam with the hotter air from indoors. I used this while travelling Europe in the winter and it works well. It also helps to have a well insulated bag. My backpack is very well insulated so you just leave everything in the bag for half an hour or so to cool down until you take your gear out and you should be ok.

    Hope this helps.

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    +1 on the rocket blower and LensPen. I've got a bunch of regular LensPens, and a Micro version for the viewfinder.

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    If they are dust in the rear lens, maybe you should check the camera body (not only the sensor). Apart from cleaning products, a very good light it's necessary and gloves could be useful.

    For removing dust, try to use the blower or the brush below the lens (gravity helps).

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    It is easier to prevent lenses fog in the first place than to clean it up. Here is a link to a tip I wrote that will help you understand what it is and why it happens.

    Hope this helps.
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