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Thread: FYI 1dx dirty out of the box

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    FYI 1dx dirty out of the box

    Just got the 1dx, the focusing screen was dirty with a dozen or so black specs.
    the mirror had some sort of oil on it too
    Other's a really nice camera

    My first new body to have factory qc issues.

    Back to Canon for a clean up.

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    Mine came with focus screen and sensor dust.

    Canon is missing a bet here. They should call VF dust 'parallax index marks' and sensor dust 'diffraction test points', and charge extra...

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    Don't overlook a potential windfall. Those dust specks are imported from Japan, so they are valued in Yen. Some posters on camera forums will explain how this justifies rather spectacular pricing on new lenses and bodies. These specks may actually be worth like $50.00 each.
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