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Thread: Tucson, Az - Assignment

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    Tucson, Az - Assignment

    Hi there,
    My name is Hope Wester. I live on South Camino Seco in Tucson.
    I have a statue that I need to take digital pictures of and I do not have a camera or the ability (not tech savvy) to get these pictures on to my computer to send through email to the person who is already interested in purchasing it! I need to do this very soon! (like tomorrow 9/21) Can anyone help me?
    Of course, I will pay you !!!
    Thanks so much!!!!
    I am new to this forum and don't know if this is where I post this????
    Any help appreciated!!!
    I will come to you - item can be hand carried!

    Hope Wester

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    This forum has a very broad base, photographers all over the world post here. But, I can not think of one that is in Tucson Arizona.
    Depending on what you need the pics for, you should be able to find a local photographer very easy. I just looked at your local craigslist and there were several that looked like they would do. Doing a google search I pulled up a long list.
    If you are looking for quality pictures for advertising of this item, look for someone specializing in product photography. If you just need some pics for simple reasons any one should do. I would be happy to do it for you but, OKC is 990 miles from Tucson according to Yahoo Maps.

    My apologies to the any pro's on the forum from Tucson if I just redirected work away from you.

    Maybe it would be nice if the forum had a section that Pro's could post an ad about themselves?

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    Thanks so much for the advice! Found someone in 5 minutes!

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