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Thread: Economical Landscape Lenses

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    There is beauty in simplicity.

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    I agree with the other advice about spending the money elsewhere since you already have nice lenses. One reason to upgrade would be if you want less flare in your landscape images by getting a prime, but the zooms you have are very good already.

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    If you don't feel you are missing something, or can't see what you are missing with the equipment you got, I would spend it on courses and traveling. Actually get out and use what you've got.

    If you want new equipment, you might want to look at:
    Zoom: Canon 70-200mm F4.0 USM (no IS). Is is an inexpencive, sharp and surprisingly light telezoom lens.
    Primes for ex. low light and steet photography:Canon 50mm F1.4 or Canon 35mm F2.0
    A cheap flash like YN-560 for low light photography

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    I just read my recommendation about a tripod and realised you already have that covered.

    So I'd agree with the other guys - I think a good filter holder system can make a huge difference with landscapes. The Cokin z-pro filter system is probably the most economical, the Singh-Ray/Lee system gets pretty expensive. But if you get a couple of graduated ND filters and maybe a warming filter I think it would make a lot of difference.

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    I agree completely with Daniel Browning above. Find a place you've always wanted to photograph that fits the budget you presented, but leave some spare cash to take a course with a landscape instructor who's work you admire. There are many places to see and many photograhers who can show you the ins and outs of a place to get the most bang for the buck. I'm planning on doing this in the Palouse region (state of Washington USA) with Chip Phillips next year. His work inspires me.

    Happy landscape shooting out there! erno james

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    The lenses you own now are fine for the APS-C sensor body you now own. Shoot away and have fun. If you really want to move to the next level as a landscape photographer I'd recommend you save your money and get a full-frame 6D and then start moving toward these primes (listed in order of importance):

    1. 24mm f/2.8 - This is a simple lens that, for small aperture landscape photography, doesn't have to be an L-series. This is an economical (~$300 US) and reliable workhorse landscape lens that offers great sharpness and angle of view with minimal distortion. The wide-angle zooms can't make these claims.
    2. 135mm f/2.0L USM- Extraordinarily sharp lens at a great price (less than $1000 US).

    I spent many years hiking around the Rocky Mountains with these two lenses (plus a "nifty fifty" that I rarely used), one body and a tripod. The versatile kit was light and portable. I found that I took the majority of my keepers, maybe 75% of them, with the 24mm and the rest with the 135mm. Use your tripod, cable release, high-quality polarizer, and lens hoods (increases contrast) and you will have all the equipment you need to make world class landscapes.

    If you figure out how to make money from your landscapes, you might want to eventually add Canon's 35mm f/1.4. This fails the economy test, but worth it for long exposure night shots.

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