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Thread: 650D/T4i preliminary review - Increased sharpness

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    650D/T4i preliminary review - Increased sharpness

    Interesting note about the increased sharpness Bryan....maybe it is DPP that causes the "extra" sharpness issue? I saw this mentioned at DPR.

    I compared some raw files that I downloaded from Imaging-Resource and it seems like the 650D is much sharper than other Canon cameras. I have not tried to open them in ACR though. If they do not have the similar sharpness in ACR it could be DPP that is adding more sharpness than ususal? Maybe Canon is about making the camera more consumer friendly and that is why they are cranking up the sharpness?

    DPR mentioned that the JPEG`s were almost identical to the raw files when opened in DPP. Is this something new? A few years ago, after Raw Image Task ( RIT ) was abandoned people was complaining that raw`s in DPP had a different color rendition than the JPEG's and that they did not longer match the in-camera JPEG. Canon responded by saying that DPP had "its own processing". Has this changed again?

    Looking forward to the full review. :-)
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