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Thread: Too Much Split Toning??

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    Too Much Split Toning??

    Hi all!

    The other day I thought it would be cool if this site had a forum section, and it looks like I (we all) got a sweet Christmas present. Thanks Bryan!

    I've been playing around with the split toning features of Lightroom, and like anybody with a new hammer, everything is a nail. Brutally honest feedback would be appreciated! My intent was to warm up the highlights, and cool down the shadows. Did I over do it? Am I even close?


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    Re: Too Much Split Toning??

    Merry Christmas Murph!

    My overall feeling is that these images are toned too far toward red. That's my personal taste at least.

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    Re: Too Much Split Toning??

    I'd agree with Bryan (no surprise there) and add that perhaps the highlights in images 1 and 3 have suffered a little as well. And as for the hammer, well, everything feels like my thumb.

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