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Thread: Anyone peeved about the MAP (Massive Arbitrary Punitive) pricing?

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    Anyone peeved about the MAP (Massive Arbitrary Punitive) pricing?

    I was not ready to jump on the 5D3 on the 31st because I was waiting to see what the 6D and the 7D2 will look like, plus I would have also needed a new standard FF zoom lens at the same time. (Also I suppose I really didn't believe it would actually jump up like that). Suddenly the best price jumps from $2,800.00 to $3,300.00 or $3,500.00 w/o rebate overnight.

    Given Canon's recent spate of unfavorable comparisons to its mortal rival Nikon, who also sells its comparable (many say currently "better") camera bodies for less than Canon, do we suppose:

    1.) Canon will quietly lower its official MAP pricing, or
    2.) will Canon run deeper and even more frequent rebates, or
    3.) will it do nothing, or
    4.) will Nikon take this as an opportunity to increase its prices?

    Early adopters who paid $3500 are probably happy, as they were probably not happy when the price plunged $700.00 in free market trading. Those who did catch it at $2800 are probably also happy, as they scored a deal. Actually, anyone at all who already has any new Canon body at all will be pleased because of the effect on resale value.

    So this would apply primarily to those who have NOT recently made a big purchase, but who were planning one.
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