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Thread: Monopod.....Which Is The Best?????

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    Monopod.....Which Is The Best?????

    Hello All.....Happy New Year,

    A big thanks to Bryan for hosting this site. I have read and used his insightful and helpful reviews for years.

    I would like to buy a monopod for those special low light shots. Please give me your suggestions on model and head. I would like to buy the best, so I don't have to buy it again. Light weight and length is important since I will be transporting it on a motorcycle.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    PS: I have read Bryan's comments and would like to hear yours.


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    Re: Monopod.....Which Is The Best?????

    I have a Feisol CM-1401 that I like a lot. It's 4 sections and just over 20" long without a head. It might not be the absolute best, but it didn't cost anywhere near what I could have paid for a Gitzo model.

    The carbon fiber construction is very rigid and surprisingly light (like when you pick up a milk carton that's mostly empty). I've used a ballhead on it, but after a while I didn't see the benefit so I switched to a Manfrotto 3229 tilt head with quick release. Even with the head, it's still compact and balanced if not quite as "impossibly" light weight. I've used it with lenses up to 300 f/2.8 with no problem at all, and I'm convinced that it could handle twice the weight easily (not sure I'd trust the tilt head with a really heavy lens, though).

    The twist-locks (which I prefer) work well but aren't G-lock, which basically means you have to twist them tighter to get them fully locked. I got used to that pretty quickly, though. I would have preferred legs that didn't twist when unlocked, but as long as I extend them in the right order, it's fine.

    For me, the point of a monopod is to support the camera and lens and add stability, not to hold it rock-steady like a tripod. So I didn't see the need to buy the absolute top-of-the-line, and for once I'm convinced that saving a few bucks on equipment was the right decision. When I upgrade my hand-me-down tripod, I'll put the money I saved on the monopod toward the best tripod I can afford.

    Good luck and please post to let us know what you choose!


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    Re: Monopod.....Which Is The Best?????

    You might want to try this:

    Manfrotto 3249B Monopod

    It's not lightweight, but if you're transporting it on a motorcycle then the weight shouldn't be that much of an issue. It's also relatively inexpensive. The monopod is extremely rugged and will hold up alot of weight. I put the Bogen - Manfrotto 234 tilt head on mine and it works perfectly. The tilt head is only rated for 5.5lbs, but it held up my 50D, battery grip, and 70-200 f2.8 IS just fine.

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