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Thread: Canon lens

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    Canon lens

    I have a Canon 550D and I could use a lens to take pictures of clothing in a store
    I take pictures of individual items such as a shoe / shirt
    Which lens and better

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    Are you taking pictures for ideas, or is it to show off items in the store and will be printed on a poster or magazine of some type? The other question is more to do with your likes/dislikes on using photoshop. Some lenses are cheaper but need more time in the "dark room" while others are more expensive but after the shoot, you're pretty much done. Is there a budget you would like to stay in? Most folks here like the Canon 17-55 for the image quality and stabilization. A macro lens would be nice for detail shots, but you would have to step back pretty far to get an overall picture. There are a couple new lenses canon just came out with that are cheap in price a slender enough to be inconspicuous.
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    Thanks for the answer I want to clarify that I want to take pictures for a website so I should take some pictures of the individual items such as a shoe or a shirt for a catalog
    For this I would like to get an advice on which lens to buy

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