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Thread: Post Your Best Pictures of 2012

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    Such wonderful photos posted so far! I have gone through my 2012 flickr posts a couple times trying to find something that comes close to the same level of beauty and skill. Nothing came close in comparison so I will just post the ones that are my favorites from the year and hope for a growth spurt in 2013!

    The first dance by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    Wedding_1 by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    Reflection of Beauty by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    The Beauty of Summer by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    Lucky Charm - Explored! by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    IMG_9201 by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    IMG_6034 by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

    My Lucky Charm by Denise Trocio (, on Flickr

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    Great contributions Eric, Doc and Denise.
    Thanks to Brant for coming up with this thread.
    Steve U
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    Great set, Sean!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sean Setters View Post

    It's Always a Production by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Up to No Good by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Erin and the Motorcycle 1 by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Kristin in the Alley 1 by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Samantha as Aphrodite by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Kailey Sue Fan 1 by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Samantha: Train Depot 2 by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Kailey Sue: Wanna race? by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Soccer Portrait by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Caitlin at the Motel 1 by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Hope on the Farm 16x9 by budrowilson, on Flickr


    Kati and Alex by budrowilson, on Flickr

    AnGelo Chiu (MrGreenBug in Flickr), Blog:

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    Hi, I've used this thread as a reason to scan through my images of 2012. It wasn't easy to pick some single favorites but at least I gave it a try.
    I narrowed it down to three photos, you could consider them as the winners of three different categories:

    1. The planned shot category (or "Landscape")
    What I like the most about this one is that it turned out just about exactly as I had planned it. (And to be honest that's far from always the case.)

    2. The accidental shot (or "Wildlife")
    This guy(?) showed up one evening when we were having a barbecue party in a countryside barn. I only had my wide angle zoom and a flash for some party snapshots, but the fox came really close, probably anxious to taste something from the barbecue. This made it possible to get som shots of it. (Wide angle lens with fill flash isn't the typical wildlife gear.)

    3. The celebrity shot (or "Sports")
    I shot lots of icehockey during 2012. Maybe this one isn't the coolest action shot among them, but I think it's a good fighting face portrait of one of Swedens best female players. (Hey, there aren't heaps of celebrities passing by where I live - I'm happy with what I can get. Someone with double olympic medals definitely counts as a celebrity around here.)

    Thanks for viewing!

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    @CLS....three great shots.

    Thanks for bumping the thread....I went back and reviewed all the pictures....great shots everyone...really enjoyed it.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by erno james View Post
    An amazing tree in Portland, Oregon
    Branching Out by ernogy, on Flickr[/img]
    I just stumbled across a group specifically for THAT tree.
    - Eric
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poik View Post
    I just stumbled across a group specifically for THAT tree.
    Yep, Erno's is the best of them all
    An awful lot of electrons were terribly inconvenienced in the making of this post.
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    I don't know if this is my BEST image from 2012 but I think it's one of my favorites. My Daughter, Son-in-Law and newborn Grand Daughter the day they are bringing her home from the hospital

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poik View Post
    I just stumbled across a group specifically for THAT tree.
    Wow...that is crazy. One guy even had the tree tatooed on his arm.
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    Going through this thread and all I can say is "Wow"
    Nothing I have even compares, these are all incredible shots.

    Here's some of my favorites, perhaps not my best, from this past year. Go easy on me guys, this was my first year working with a DSLR haha

    The Blue Angels performing at a local airshow, Pease AFB, Portsmouth, NH. I took over 1400 shots over two days, mostly due to burst mode, and I havent even scratched the surface of them yet, I keep getting sidetracked. Maybe I should get on that...

    I got bored and thought this would make a cool shot. My T3i with my 50mm f/1.4, before I got the battery grip.

    A small field of dandelions I came across on a bikeride this past summer, couldn't help but to lie down on my belly and take the shot.

    A dragonfly I took with my 100mm Macro. Looking back, the shot could have been much better, but this was when I was still learning. Should have shot it at something other than 2.8, I had plenty of light after all.

    Waterfall on a trail I frequent during the summer...

    And the same falls from a different angle during the winter.

    My friend Jared performing for his band, Too Late The Hero. I darkened the background because I thought it looked better.

    My cat, Monster.

    Just a little old ladybug I came across while walking in the park

    A picture of the Whaleback Light, off the coast of Kittery, Maine. This was taken from Ft. Foster and I plan on printing it for my mothers birthday since she loves lighthouses and sunsets.

    Sunset off of Salisbury Beach Reservation

    Downy Woodpecker I came across in Maudslay State Park, Newburyport, NH.

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