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Thread: Canon Pixma Pro-1, paper quality and iMac 27" matching

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    Canon Pixma Pro-1, paper quality and iMac 27" matching

    I have primarily used a pro lab I know well for my prints over the years. But a demo of the Canon Pixma Pro-1 convinced me to start home production. Off I went and bought the (very heavy) thing, got it installed and made my first prints. I got some Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II included and the prints came out quite good. But, having seen the demo, I wonder what to do to get the extra performance (I know is there) from it.

    If anyone have any experience worth sharing around this printer, it would be most appreciated.

    I use Apple iMac 27" and Lightroom 4.3 and Elements 10. I also use a MacBook Pro 15" retina for processing while on travel. It has not been a problem for me in the past, since we have done the final (minor) adjustments at the lab, but I probably need to adjust the color settings for both monitors fixed. What would be the best way to do that?

    And lastly, I wonder if anyone has special recommendations on paper producers and qualities for this printer.


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    obvious thing is to calibrate the monitor(s). Try the canon platinum paper or just the canon platinum profile with the paper you have mentioned. do you use the lr softproof feature. I have a canon pro 9000mk2 and it does produce some belting prints esp on better paper
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