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Thread: Hypothetically speaking : Is it Technically Possible to create a fast super tele?

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    I love looking at the industrial stuff. It puts the silly things consumers drool over into an entirely different perspective.

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    That moon shot was cool, but it was kind of blurry. I was much more impressed with the skill of the photographer than the quality of the lens on that one. (Almost surely the blurriness was the fault of the atmosphere, not the lens, though). It was really cool how he caught the airplane flying across it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSLR_Newbie View Post
    my question is that is it technically (and financially) possible to create a lens like that i am sure such a lens wont have issue selling itself.
    Anything's possible, but I'm sure those lenses WOULD have an issue selling themselves. When Canon made the 1200mm f/5.6 lens, they needed a big fluorite element to execute the design. They're the only company who grows fluorite (it's a synthetic crystal). The elements needed would take 18 months to grow. Those same challenges would impact either of the lenses you suggest. If the current 2.8 model is $2500 and the new 1.2 model is $120,000, do you think any would sell?

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