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Thread: #47 - Seeing Red (Congrats PatrickH)

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    #47 - Seeing Red (Congrats PatrickH)

    On behalf of bgood, this is assignment 47: Seeing Red

    This can be a play on the color in every sense of the word. Whether it's literal and red is the prominent color or whether it's figurative and red is portrayed in emotion or something else entirely, it's up to you. Have fun and dare to think outside the color. Here are a few examples of red being the major player in the picture. However, I don't want to limit images to just images with red in them. For the finalists, I will be looking for great images that somehow tie to the theme, whether the color is present or not.

    The following photos have been selected as finalists:

    Name: MrGreenbug
    Motivation: I am completely drawn into the image and find myself looking at the reflection as well as the ear pieces behind the glasses - cool shot. Crisp, clean and well done.

    Name: Dave Throgmartin
    Motivation: I really like how the red highlights the bike rack and the path adds motion to it. It makes me feel like going out riding right up until my eyes see the snow. Then I'm reminded that it's winter in my neck of the woods.

    Name: PatrickH
    Motivation: Red is really the star here by drawing the viewer directly to the subject. I love the perspective that shows how big the scene is and how small the children are in comparison. The motion my eye takes in this shot toward the triangle formed by the trees is contrasted with the direction of the path, as if presenting them with a choice to make. Great shot

    Name: Kayaker72
    Motivation: More than any of the other entered shots, this one played on two potential aspects of the theme "Seeing Red" (Denise and Neuro both played on two themes as well but they didn't enter those shots). The obvious one is the red in the berries. The maybe not obvious one is my assumed thoughts that the owner was "seeing red" or was angry at losing the crop.

    Name: Jayson
    Motivation: I have to admit that I am not much of a macro bug kind of guy, but it was such a neat shot with the red eyes contrasted against the complimentary green color. My question is how did you get him to stand so still for the shot?

    Congrats! Good luck, the poll will be opened for 3 days!
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