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Excellent product shots and very nice job getting rid of the table/stuff from beneath the items. The watch would feel right at home as an advertisement image in any magazine! The last shot of the glasses is also very nice. There is something about the middle one with the reflection that doesn't quite get it up to par with the quality of the others. Maybe it is the black glasses on a black background they blend in maybe a tad too much. A little more definition on them by rim-light or something might have helped.
Hey Sampsa, thank you for your thoughts and the 'tap on the back' on my attempts. I actually had a hard time with the second photo and it took me about a hundred shots before I got a shot that I liked and I think I can keep -- which is the second photo. I didn't notice the need of highlights as I was so focused on getting a good reflection without me being in it.

By the way, I love your star trails. I couldn't imagine myself being out in the cold even for just 15 minutes. Great job on those star trails.