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Thread: Spot on my viewfinder

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    Spot on my viewfinder

    So I've got my new 6D, and I've been having a great time with it. It is an amazing piece of technology. I noticed a few days ago that somehow a thread or hair had worked it's way either onto my sensor or the back of my lens. I'm guessing when I changed lens. So today I got my trusty little blower cleaner and was able to get rid of whatever the thread was. Now when I look through my viewfinder I see a small spec. When I take an image there is no spec, so I'm guessing it's somehow on my lens prism or inside my viewfinder. I'm not sure how to attack this problem. I hate to have to take it in to a repair shop already considering I've had it for a month and a half. Any suggestions?

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    You can try taking out the focus screen and using a Rocket blower to blow the specks out, but there's an even chance you'll just introduce more dust or worse, damage the focus screen. And you can't tell if they're gone until you replace the focus screen. I had a few dust spots on the viewfinder of my T1i. I was able to remove some of the specks, but there are still a couple left. I decided to live with it rather than remove the focus screen again.

    If you have enough Canon gear, you can see if you qualify for CPS Gold status and then you'll get 2 free clean and checks per year from Canon.
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    I've had a visible spec (probably dust) show up in my viewfinder (not in the image) on both my 7D and 5D3 a few times. A couple of blows from the blower cleaner up in to the camera (over the mirror and towards the prism) while held upside down so the dust will fall away has always shaken them loose.

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