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Thread: How do I capture this?

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    How do I capture this?

    I know that I need a ND filter for the water effect, but how do I get the trees to look the way they do and the rock wall as well? Is this an HDR?

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    Re: How do I capture this?

    Just a regular pic. Might have changed the green a little in post, but mainly its just the light popping in allowing everything to work.
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    How do I capture this?

    Maybe a cpl. But I agree, I think it is mostly just great lighting.

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    That is a neat waterfall.

    As for how - The trees where being lite up from the right and slightly behind... so the sun was blocked by the right rock face, but it lite up the trees nicely along with the light falls and rock face to the left. This sun light probably lite up under the bridge as well. The bridge would have been in the shadows, and you can see the fringing or ghosting along the top of the bridge (and the bridge was made a little too light IMO). I do not think it was HDR, but it looks like the brightness or exposure was brushed in along the bridge to leave the fringing. The rock face under the bridge to the left looks like it was pushed to far to lighten up the shadows there, and the rock face to the upper right is the same (these may have been lightened with a brush as well). There could have been fill flash for the right rock face; but I doubt it, or it would have been sharper at the top.

    If it was HDR, I think it would have been sharper and the fringe over the top of the bridge would have been more even.

    Overall, the shadows that were lightened seem too much and too soft to me.

    Just my guess.
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