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Thread: Sold: Canon TS-E 45 f2.8 Tilt Shift

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    Sold: Canon TS-E 45 f2.8 Tilt Shift

    $950 firm

    The lens is in immaculate condition, it is essentially new. I have the receipt and box. It is tack sharp, smooth focus, beautiful images.

    A recent main lens upgrade brings about the sale of this lens.

    NYC area pickup or meet only. Price is $950. I prefer not negotiating lower, this lens costs $1500 with tax. There is also a Hoya UV filter and a bag included.

    You are welcome to call my google # (347) 913-7072 and it forwards to me, also message me here on TDP or email

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    Would consider but I don't live in NY.

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    Yeah, I'm reputable and all that if you want to do something. I also stress a lot, very badly, so it would be hard for me to ship anything ahead. Maybe there is an intermediary service for these things? I think they do that with domain sales.

    I went over budget on the Canon 24-70 f2.8 L II and I need to reel in those extra costs a bit. I'd like to see if I can make it without selling this lens but there's been substantial investment and travel lately, I end up keeping myself on a shoestring budget. It's compounded many things lately.

    I did carry this around, very carefully, on a couple of days here and there. I took certain suggestions that its not meant as a carry around lens as a challenge and did so anyway. I am glad I did. Who can complain about a 45 f2.8 with tack sharp images? The manual focus is actually a joy, because my MK3 is set to beep on focus anyway, so it actually gives you much better focus control. You can give an extra nudge to the ring and be in control after it selects focus and shows what point was used.

    My only difficulty was changing the exposure when tilting and shifting, but I got acclimated to that. I have ads up on CL, we'll see how it goes.

    I think I will gladly keep it if I can. I have not yet spent enough time using it as a carry around lens. The issue is having enough time, because I'd like to set up a tripod and do correct settings at each opportunity. So when I press that button, I know I am taking a great picture. I don't often have that chance. I'm actually getting annoyed with NYers who ask me to do photos but they are so hyper they can barely be still for a moment. I think I am the same way and it might have something to do with a lot of fitness people I've been shooting lately. Too hyped up I guess! LOL (-_-)/

    4 LOCO FTW! Just kidding...

    Centrum Silver Chewables FTW!!! (its like flinstones vitamins for adults!)

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    Do you still have the box
    when and did you purchase it
    Did you buy it new?
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    This item was sold, not on here, but it sold. Not sure how to edit the heading.

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