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Thread: Wedding Photography #1

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    Wedding Photography #1

    Well I read some of the replies to my offer and I decided to give this a try.
    I will try to pass on some of my mistakes, and lessons learned from my years of wedding photography.

    If this helps at least one person at one wedding, I will consider my time well spent.

    Wedding Photography Lesson 1: Philosophy

    I am certainly older than most of your and I grew up in film days, predigital and prepostprocessing, so I may have a more old fashioned view of this profession. I look at my mothers wedding photos from 60 years ago and they still look fantastic to me.
    So I begin this journey of describing wedding photography as I see it.

    It is really one of the last unspoiled areas left for the professional photographer.
    Well almost unspoiled. At least it is one of few times most people do not leave to a family friend. It is THE DAY, THE EVENT of a lifetime. Itís all about the bride, the dress and the photos.

    Yes I post process and will describe that in a later post, but it is not as much as you would expect. I was taught to capture the image in the camera. I use multiple lenses, flashes, filters and techniques that hopefully make me unique. I strive to get the best photo in camera and postprocess to improve and tweak. I am a big fan of black and white, some sepia, and vivid color, but I never colorize a black and white, it is too juvenile for me. I seek natural light and see it as pure.

    So from time to time forgive me if I regress to my older fashioned comments, it is not meant to by contrary, but I live wedding photography and feel it is an art that is getting lost in the digital age.

    Let me start with my philosophy:

    It is about the Bride, the Dress, and the Photos.
    It is still the brides day, despite all the mothers and family and wedding planners, it is still the brides day. This is the day little girls dream of (forgive my old fashioned thoughts). It is about a princess, and the perfect day.
    Respect that.
    Be humble, dress professionally, be polite, know your business and your equipment and be in command.
    Prepare, prepare, practice, and prepare.
    Know before the day what you plan to do, rehearse and prepare.
    Donít take good photos, take great photos.
    Have a back up plan for everything, including a second photographer, if nothing else and assistant or be a teacher to a new photographer.
    Give every bride an album.
    Document the day, be a photojournalist. Pose less than 10% of your photos.
    Plan your day and movements ahead of time.

    Has any one noticed how short weddings are today?

    To be continued......
    comments appreciated..
    Thank you

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    Looking forward to the next post...thank iND

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    I like this thread and I like your old fashioned ideas.

    I would love to see your knowledge translated to your photography, meaning, I'd like to see some of your work.

    Can't wait for the next post!
    Caleb Royer

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    Quote Originally Posted by iND View Post
    Pose less than 10% of your photos.
    This was the biggest supprise to me.

    Thanks for posting.
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