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Thread: DropBox syncing to phone, only thumbnails, no slideshow?

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    DropBox syncing to phone, only thumbnails, no slideshow?

    I have dropbox with about 8 portfolio folders and images about 1mb totaling 20mb per folder, 140mb dropbox total. I also have my phone, Samsung galaxy note 2 (with custom ROM Jedi X!) syncing up the camera folder and syncing down the portfolio folders that are on the PC dropbox folder. I cant seem to activate a slideshow when I want to show people portfolio on the phone, with its 5.3Ē screen.

    Is there something I am missing, or is there another option such as Google Drive that will go ahead and download the folders. It seems like DropBox is only downloading thumbnails and there is not option to do slideshow. It loads each image 1 at a time, over the web. I know I can simply copy the folders over, but itís a pain. They mucked up the read write securities on this phone and the sync cable doesnít allow write to card anyway, so I have to pull the mSD to write on it and its annoying anyway, or use the cable thatís by the bed for nighttime plug in, I just want the dropbox or some app to sync and give slideshow when necessary.

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    Creating a Google album will work. I used to create albums in my picasaweb account and they were always available on my Android phone. They simply showed up in the standard "Gallery" application. However, now picasaweb redirects to my G+ account (not a change I like), but it seems to work the same way.

    With all that said, the absolute best solution is to upload images directly to your phone at a resolution high enough to get a good looking picture on your phone. This will allow you to see the high-quality pictures as fast as you can swipe them across the screen. While I have albums online and accessible for specific uses, I always keep a sample gallery of my best work on the phone for optimal viewing.

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    Thanks. I paid $2.50 for an Android app called dFolio. So far, it is good. It forces download of all images if requested, but seems to be a little bit lower res, so far it is great. it works with DropBox.

    I agree with the upload all images to the phone but I've been resorting them a lot lately.

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