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Thread: Hello to one and all.

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    Hello to one and all.

    Hello, thought it time to join the group and say hello.

    My name is Raymond Goosen, I am a Fleet Captain for a V.V.I.P. Family in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

    I have been always been interested in photography, but never really took the time to understand or practise it as much as I would have liked.

    Been shooting Film for years, have an Older Canon AV1, and a Nikon F70, but found it more difficult of late to find "Fresh Flim" so bought a Canon IXUS 960IS as my first digital camera, loved it so much bought a Canon Water Proof housing for it to take it diving with me and still do.

    In September, having studied this forum, and the reviews on the site, I decided a Canon 7D would be what I needed so bought one with the Kit Lens 18-135.

    Having read more reviews, sold the 18-135 and bought a 15-85 since the reviews had it as the better of the two Lenses. Then things got crazy, bought a 100-400L, EF 50 f/1.4, EF 100mm f/2.8 macro and since I did not have anything on the "Wider" end bought an EFS 10-22 and since I Crazy mode thought that the 70-200L f/2.8L IS II would have me covered.

    The Bank was now bust.

    Then got to reading the site and this forum more often and in January bought a 6D with the 24-105L kit lens, since by all accounts the 6D would be a perfect companion to the 7D, when I needed speed, and reach the crop of the 7D would be perfect, my kit now complete.

    I then went on holiday, a friend saw my 6D and that was the end of it, and since his 100-400L was not as sharp as he would of liked, he took my almost back to square one.

    Needing to replace the 6D on my return, got to reading this forum and the reviews posted on the web, and there was only one camera to buy and that was the 5D Mk III, with the kit 24-105.

    I have not replaced the 100-400 since I am hoping that the 2xMk III extender will give the same reach as the 100-400 on the long end, I know it's not ideal, but I really can't afford the 400L f/2.8 at this time.

    The reason I have listed the above is purely to indicate how the "Bug" has biten me all over again.

    Not having to "Only" use ISO 200 film since that is all that's available, having to change camera's to get to ISO 400, has ment that I am in a position to "Make Pictures" and at this stage not so great but will get there with the help I am sure to get on this forum.

    Long winded intro to be sure, but wanted to say hello and give you all an idea how serious I am of improving my abilities.

    I thank you too for your contributions to the site and this forum in particular.

    Take care


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    Welcome to the forum Raymond! There's probably only one or two other people in the forum who have been bitten by the "bug." Ok, possibly more...


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    Welcome Aboard Capt. Ray!!!! Hope to see some pics of the sea soon

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