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Thread: Why do I still get blurred images with high shutter speeds?

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    Why do I still get blurred images with high shutter speeds?

    I have been taking pics with Canon 85mmF1.2 with 5D mark II, whenever I am outside, I use minimum shutter speed of 1/250, still I get some images that are blurred. I think I dont shake my hand while taking the pic, what could be the reason? Something wrong with the lens?

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    Could you post an example? Is the entire image somewhat blurry, then it's most probably you still moving a little. If only your subject is blurred you know it's not you, but your subject and perhaps you should change your shutterspeed accordingly.
    Ps: the rule of 1/focal length for steady photos is just a guideline. Some might get sharp photos with less, but some others might need a lot faster shutterspeed to get sharp results.

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    If it isn't linear blur but rather a general blur, you may just be seeing a very shallow DOF and need to do the AFMA. Shoot some distant lights so the light is essentially a dot. Zoom in 100%, if it is a streak (linear pattern), then it is handle held/shutter speed issues. If it is still generally blurry with not real pattern, I'd lean toward AFMA issues.

    Could also shoot from a tripod with 2 sec delay. If the blur issues go away, it is the hand held/shutter speed issue. If you still have issues it is either the AFMA or you have a problem with the lens.

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    Hard to say until we see something and get the exif data.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kayaker72 View Post
    AFMA .
    Auto Focus Micro Adjustments in case it is not obvious . Your 5DmkII has this feature. The 85 f1.2 has a very shallow depth of field. It does not take much to make the image soft.

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    I use this Lens and you need to produce the money shots all the time, Outside I step it up if the light is good.

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