Hi all, I’m looking for a shoulder bag that doesn’t have “CAMERA BAG, VALUABLES INSIDE” written all over it. My requirements are that it must have room for a mounted 70-200/2.8 and at least one additional lens (e.g. 24-105/4 or similarly sized).

I’ve done some research and my current shortlist includes Think Tank Retrospective 20 and LowePro Pro Messenger 180. These bags do really look similar in several ways, but I’m sure there are some pros and cons that users find out after some time.

Both of these seem like really good bags, they are similarly priced, they are similarly sized, both get good reviews and they also look about as good (in my opinion). So I’m simply having a hard time deciding.

Does anyone have hands-on experience with any of these bags? Maybe someone has even tried both? Any input that could be of help for making up my mind would be highly appreciated!

(Of course, if anyone has suggestions for other bags, that would also be appreciated - even though it could complicate the decision even more…)