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  • Picture of Feather - Jayson

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  • Solitary Tree - Jonathan

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  • Self Portrait on the Rocks - DavidWare

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Thread: Assignment #52 - Isolation - Congrats Jonathan

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    Assignment #52 - Isolation - Congrats Jonathan

    On behalf of Assignment #51 winner Brian (Bgood) and Jan (Sheiky-who is moving into a new house) this is Assignment #52: Isolation

    As described by Brian:

    Isolation is the theme, but images are up to you. Does it mean creative use of bokeh to focus on your subject? Or, does it mean a lone tree in the meadow? Or, does it evoke emotion and if so, how do you portray that feeling in an image? Any of this is fair game.

    The usual rules apply:
    • Multiple entries are welcome, but only one will be judged, the first entry will be judged if you do not specify your entry
    • Submissions will be welcome for approximately 4 weeks, until Sunday September 8th.

    Thanks and good luck. I look forward to the entries.

    UPDATE: Here are the finalists:

    Jayson and his picture of the feather. Motivation: This is a great use of bokeh to isolate the subject and a great use of water and color to capture my eye and continually bring it back.

    Jonathan's solitary tree in the snow. Motivation: This is visually very intriguing and is interesting to me from a shadow and pattern perspective even without the tree. With the tree, my eyes keep playing tricks on me, going back and forth between a tilt-shift lens and a normal lens perspective. Great capture.

    DavidWare's self portrait. Motivation: This image was a creative view on the isolation subject. I feel for David as he left his gear on the other side of the stream, unable to rescue it from any danger. He, like Jonathan saw in my examples a love for the outdoors and captured how I feel when I am out in the mountains / woods, the kind of rejuvenating isolation that I need after a tough week.

    Voting will end in one week.
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