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Thread: where to buy canon gear in hong kong?

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    where to buy canon gear in hong kong?

    I will be spending a couple of days in Hong Kong and it so happens I want to buy a bit of gear mainly the canon rain cover and a lastolite softbox. can anyone here direct me towards good shops and help me stay clear of the bad ones?


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    Good shops: Mong Kok Computer Centre. It's about 4 floors iirc, there's computer shops and things interspersed with camera shops all around. Cheapest memory cards anywhere are at Jumbo (3rd floor I think). I don't know much if they'd have softboxes and things (I'm sure some would though), but they've definitely got the cheapest lenses and filters.

    If MKCC doesn't have it, then pretty much anywhere around Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kok is where all the electronics are, go to Mong Kok MTR Station and it's one road east parallel to Nathan Road (take exit D3 from the MTR and you're on it). MKCC is 2 streets further east of Sai Yeung Choi, on the corner of Fa Yuen and Nelson Street.

    (It's also the area where the night market and ladies' market are, if you're taking the missus leave her there to browse the handbags and shoes while you go browse the cameras).
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    I was in Mong Kok last week - I left my Gitzo and Arca Swiss head at home because my wife banned them from the luggage. Though we stayed in Mok Kok last week we never found the photo shops(above) two streets from the MTR.

    However in new town Plaza, Shatin (next to Shatin MTR) I found a photo shop selling Sirui tripods. Now I have great Gitzo and Arca stuff but my wife is saying too big, too heavy for the suitcase. I looked at a Sirui 1204 tripod with ballhead. My immediate impression was Gitzo but at 1/2 size and weight. I liked and so bought. Much smaller than my normal stuff but I was able to go up to the 42nd floor of our lovely hotel and with new tripod was able to get some great night and tropical storm photos.. The 1204 is lightweight but because it can bend Gitzo-like legs backwards it folds to very very small. Sure it is light weight but I hung my camera bag on it and got some great shots.

    Just try a Google and be your own judge.

    ps I am a Brit and my first grandson has just been born in HK which is why my wife and I made the visit. I am not a Sirui plant.

    best wishes, Neil

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    I've used Tin Cheung before, they have good prices, good stock and make sure that you've fully inspected everything before purchasing.

    They have 5 locations throughout Hong Kong

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