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Thread: Monitor to printed photo calibration?

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    The case for my needing to calibrate my monitor has been validated! I ran the Spyder4Pro installation CD and my Windows 7/64 didn't like things at all, giving me the dreaded blue screen a couple of times. Uninstalled it and downloaded the updated software from DataColor and all seems fine now. I ran the calibration on both my PC and then my Asus laptop and the results are quite good. This is something I should have done some time ago, but as Peety3 pointed out my old printer probably just happened to have an ICC profile more in line with my uncalibrated monitor compared to the new Pro9500 II. Whatever the cause, things are noticeably improved now.

    I love talking to people who know much more about a topic than I. Thanks to all. gary

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    PS: I'm going to find out if my PSE 11 will allow softproofing but so far haven't come up with a definitive answer. gt

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