Here is a picture of my wife and I after a mile and a half hike up Usery Pass in Arizona. It is taken with a T1i and a 18-135mm 3.5-5.6 lens at 28mm and f4 for one second. I had a third party flash mounted on the hot shoe with a diffuser and set it on second curtain. Here is the picture:

NightHike by trav.cunningham, on Flickr

Couple of questions

  1. Sound I have stopped down to try to get the lights in the background in focus or are the lights better out of focus?
  2. The sky is kind-of orange I guessing from the Phoenix haze. Is that something I should change in post? To be honest, I am not a very good Photoshoper. Any quick tips?

I wish I could have had my flash off camera but I didn't want to hike a lot of equipment up there.

Other suggestions? I was hoping this shot would turn out better but I was pretty disappointed. What could I have done differently to improve on this shot?